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Beautiful Breastfeeding Clothes

Three years on

Someone recently asked me why I set up Milk & Mummy, what I hoped to achieve from it and where we are three years on. I thought this would make a good idea for a new post. After all three years of age is quite a momentous birthday for any business.

I set up Milk & Mummy just over a year after having my first child mainly because I had struggled to find any breastfeeding clothes that were remotely fashionable and that fitted in with my pre-pregnancy style. I couldn’t believe how poorly the breastfeeding clothing market was catered for. It was virtually non-existent on the high street and on line was limited to just a few companies. The final straw came when I wanted something a little bit special to wear to a friend’s wedding. I scoured the web and the high street and came away with an uninspiring stretchy black dress that was the only thing that I could feed in and looked half smart but I didn’t feel at all special in it and felt I’d had to compromise massively.

So after months of research and drawing on my experiences of being a retail buyer and working for an online company, and using my husband’s web development expertise, I launched Milk & Mummy in September 2012, from my home.

My main aim when I launched was to provide beautiful breastfeeding and maternity clothes for mums who are looking for something a bit special which doesn’t compromise their pre-pregnancy style and who appreciate good quality. We also wanted to offer the best customer service in terms of quick, personal responses to customer enquiries, super fast order turnaround and quick, easy, no quibble returns.

Fast forward nearly three years and how have we done? There have been some hard lessons to learn along the way and some nice surprises too.

We’ve realised that, contrary to what we first thought, most mums don’t want dual function maternity/nursing clothes and they come to us because we focus on the nursing element and clothes which are cut to flatter the post pregnancy figure and not make you look like you’re still pregnant. For this reason we now shoot all our clothes on non-pregnant models so mums can see the true shape of the garments, and we’re quite unusual in doing this. In fact, when we have shot them on a pregnant model, they don’t sell so well!

The SS15 shoot

The SS15 shoot

We’ve also become pretty good at selling special occasion dresses and have found there’s huge demand for wedding and christening outfits amongst nursing mums. We simply love selling these gorgeous dresses and selecting them is one of the best bits of the job.

Making final SS15 selections

Making final SS15 selections

At Playtime Paris trade fair recently

At Playtime Paris trade fair recently

I’ve also learnt, that in an ideal world you wouldn’t have a second baby whilst you are running your own business! I thought I was juggling when I just had just one child, but it’s been a massive mission juggling the business with a newborn as well and a true test of my sanity!

So where do we go from here? We’re in this for the long term. I’m excited about continuing to grow and develop Milk & Mummy and hope to become synonymous with selling fantastic quality nursing wear to discerning mummies. At some point I’d like to design our own capsule range of breastfeeding clothing available all year round, but for now we’re very happy with where we are.

But don’t just let me tell you what I think as you’re the important ones. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding Milk & Mummy then we’d love to hear them.

2 thoughts on “Three years on”

  1. Love the idea of a capsule wardrobe for breastfeeding, like a ‘mummy uniform’ but infinitely more chic!

    1. Thanks Helen! I’d really love to start work on this soon!

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Milk & Mummy sells stylish nursing clothes including nursing tops and nursing dresses. We have everything from casual breastfeeding tops for a day at home to glamorous breastfeeding dresses for weddings. Many of our nursing dresses are also maternity dresses and we also sell beautiful breastfeeding covers and cute baby dribble bibs.

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