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Beautiful Breastfeeding Clothes

How it all began

So this is my very first blog post! Where should I start? Probably best to fill you in on a little bit about me!

my clothes seriously held me back

I had my daughter, Elsa, in April 2011. (I could go on for several paragraphs about how utterly gorgeous she is and the best thing since sliced bread to me, but I won’t because, for any proud mum, it goes without saying…) She is my first child and like lots of new mums I struggled for 7 very long and painful weeks to get to grips with breastfeeding. When I did finally nail it and I wanted to start going out and about showing of my little girl to the world, I found that my clothes seriously held me back and really didn’t help to give me the confidence boost I so needed at this time.

Hardly anything I owned provided easy, discreet access for breastfeeding and if it did it certainly didn’t resemble anything remotely stylish. Now I fully understand that mums who are super toned, sexy and oh-so-together only weeks after having their babies are a fantastical myth created in the parallel universe that belongs to celebs, but really, if I could have just have had one lovely breastfeeding top or dress in my wardrobe that both flattered and functioned, then I would have felt so much better.


Milk & Mummy sells stylish nursing clothes including nursing tops and nursing dresses. We have everything from casual breastfeeding tops for a day at home to glamorous breastfeeding dresses for weddings. Many of our nursing dresses are also maternity dresses and we also sell beautiful breastfeeding covers and cute baby dribble bibs.

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