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Beautiful Breastfeeding Clothes

Taking you one step further behind the scenes!

Over the years I’ve written many a blog post giving a behind the scenes insight into one of our bi-annual photo shoots. So after just completing another successful summer shoot of our new breastfeeding fashion range, I really didn’t think you needed to read about it again! No, this time I thought I could go out of my comfort zone a little and take you one stage further.

I did something we have never done before. I took lots of video footage at the shoot and for the first time I put my “videographer” hat on and made a short video. It wasn’t easy! I normally hand the tech side of things over to my techy-expert husband. But this time, with a little help from You Tube tutorials, a bit of patience and a lot of huffing and puffing I managed to come up with this 2.5 minute video. Please have a look for yourself:

I’d love to know what you think. Have you ever done a shoot before? Have you ever made a video? Any tips or feedback would be much appreciated. Please comment below if you have a moment.

This shoot epitomises how we work at Milk & Mummy. We’re a reasonably small, home-run business, keeping pretty much everything we do in-house. There are clear advantages when you have control over everything. The shoot was no different. It was in my home. The studio was my kids’ playroom minus all the toys! My husband is the photographer, a friend was the make-up artist and I am the stylist. The model is one of our regular models who has now become a friend.

Preparing for a shoot is one of the most stressful parts of my job – mainly because I am trying to co-ordinate some very busy people’s availability along with the stock arrival date and getting babysitters for my kids. However on the actual shoot day, seeing all my hard work finally come together, I am in my element and I remember how much I love my job and that really is quite special!

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