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Paris sans bebe

Last month I went to Paris with my sister and no children whatsoever! That’s right – no pushchair, no nappies, no bananas going mushy in my handbag. And do you know what, it was absolutely bliss! Well, that probably goes without saying…

My sister bought me a ticket to see George Ezra for Christmas and my mum had bought me a night in a very lovely hotel. I have to say I was a bit worried about leaving Oliver. I’m still breastfeeding and this was the first time I’d spent a night apart from him. I did take a little convincing to go at first, but then January was a terrible month for my sister and me, for various reasons, and we both desperately needed a break from reality. I realised the babies would be well looked after by their Daddy, Nanny and Grandpa and Gai Paris with my sis could be just the tonic for us.

Last time I went to Paris for the Playtime children and maternity trade show and was accompanied by my husband and little Ollie who was only 5 months old. It was quite a different experience. Equally lovely (as he did actually fit into our schedule much better then) but extremely exhausting when we had a buggy and a heavy baby to lug up and down the metro steps, not to mention sleepless nights.

Bon voyage

Bon voyage

This time we avoided the metro as much as possible and instead pootled round Paris on our hired “Velib” bikes and covered far more ground, far more pleasantly. The weather was amazing for February and I felt pretty smug to be crossing the Seine on a bike under the Paris sunshine whilst my husband was at the local crazy soft play back home.

Paris by bike

Paris by bike

We stopped when we felt like it for Sancerre and Foie Gras sat outside under the heaters at a quaint Paris Bistro, and didn’t have to worry about Oliver’s grabby hands swiping the table cloth and landing everything on the pavement.

Afternoon nibbles

Afternoon nibbles

We queued in the morning for the amazing pastries at Du Pain et Des Idees, a famous Paris boulangerie, without having Elsa moaning it was “so boring” having to queue.

Du pain et des idees

Du pain et des idees

We had impromptu cheese and wine at 11pm after the concert at a lovely little wine bar we came across, while back home the little ones would have long been in bed.

We perused the stylish home products at the independent department store Merci without worrying we’d have to pay for breakages (just as well as I couldn’t even afford an egg cup).

So what was the best bit? Saying we’d love to stay another night and actually going ahead doing it! I don’t find I’m quite so spontaneous when the children are with me. Or maybe that’s precisely the reason – the allure of one more night of freedom was just too tempting!

We’ve pencilled in our next trip already. With or without kids? Hummm, I think I have some negotiating to do!

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