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Our weekend as a one child family

My sister AKA the most capable, extremely exciting, treat providing Aunty Looby, very kindly agreed to take our 3 year old Elsa away with her last weekend to a holiday cottage by the sea in Suffolk. It had been a particularly tough week for us all for various reasons and to add to this Elsa had been full of cold and poor soul had not really left the sofa all week. After a fleeting moment of saying to my sister “are you sure?” and “don’t you want to have a lie-in?” and “I don’t think she’s well enough” I decided it was just the tonic we all needed. Elsa was much better and some sea air and time with other little people would speed up her recovery. Lucy loved having Elsa around and Mr D and I thought we might get a bit of a rest with just a baby to look after.

Elsa all wrapped up on her weekend away

Elsa all wrapped up on her weekend away

And do you know what, we did! I often wonder whether it’s Elsa or Oliver who takes up more of my time. Truth is that I think it’s about equal but because they are demanding at different times it is certainly more chilled when just one is around as it does sort of half the effort!

Here is a little round up of why it was nice just to be “three” for a weekend:

We had full control of the remote and didn’t have to put up with CBeebies or Frozen once.

I actually enjoyed meeting hubby in Tesco Friday evening (with Ollie in trolley) buying treat food and wine and not having to have eyes in the back of my head to ensure Elsa wasn’t wandering off. And being Friday evening Tesco was unusually quiet meaning I could actually think about what I needed to buy. (because only Saddoes like us visit at this time)

We felt like new parents again and it felt so much easier this time around. Why did it seem so difficult the first time with Elsa? Ah ha! Hindsight is a marvellous thing.

We went for a walk to the local country park but instead of having to freeze while we pushed our 3 year old on the swings we went straight to the cafe for coffee and cake and didn’t go anywhere near the muddy play park.

Latte with Ollie

Latte with Ollie

Oliver can’t answer back – yet.

Although he’s up in the night he has a lie-in in the morning, so naturally we did too.

Leaving the house was so much quicker. None of the usual hassle we have with Elsa, asking her three times to go to the toilet, put on her coat, her shoes, turn the television off. Anyone with a toddler will know that leaving the house is a never ending battle and they’re the world’s worst faffers!

Ollie’s nap time was my “me time” again. Just like Elsa’s nap times had been my time when we didn’t have Ollie. What’s a mummy to do with her new found spare time? Well, call me crazy but I did my monthly accounts. I know – sooooo very self-indulgent!

Needless to say come Sunday afternoon I couldn’t wait to see Elsa again. She came back feeling much better and full of tales of her weekend away and we had a bit more energy with which to face the next week.

Elsa's thank you note to Aunty Looby (she signs off with her surname now)

Elsa’s thank you note to Aunty Looby (she signs off with her surname now)

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