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Beautiful Breastfeeding Clothes

My scary thing!

I won’t lie – being a small business owner in the BIG World Wide Web, competing against the big retail giants with the huge teams and huge marketing budgets can often be really tough.

There are advantages – of course there are – I can be far more personal in my approach to customers – each and every one of you are important to me. This business is MY baby, I have a passion about it that only comes from it being my own, with no-one else to answer to but myself.

So I’ve got myself a really straight talking and inspirational marketing planner for 2018 and already I’m seeing results! It’s changing the way I think about my business and giving me a newfound enthusiasm. Most importantly more of the breastfeeding mums that need and want my nursing clothes are finding Milk & Mummy.

Back to that SCARY thing! One great piece of advice is each month we have to tackle a scary thing. That dreaded task you’ve been putting off for ages.

Mine was obvious. Videos! Videos are a great way to showcase your products and nowhere more so that in the world of fashion, especially online fashion where it’s all about distance selling. It’s so visual and still images might not be enough anymore to demonstrate the great quality, look and functionality of my nursing dresses.

Why so scary? Because I was going to have to model the dresses! Like a lot of us out there I don’t exactly enjoy having my photo taken (being the model for our AW17 range was hard enough), and I felt a video would just go one step further and expose all my worst bits!

The best piece of advice I had was to not think about it too much, just go ahead and do it.

So last week I bit the bullet, put on my best make up (more carefully than my normal morning rush!), did my roots and picked out my key dresses. That was the easy part.

Ready for my close up??

A rail of gorgeous nursing clothes

Home studio set up alongside a perfectionist techy husband was not quite so simple!

After a few different attempts in different rooms, and a lot of faffing we finally managed to get a good set up in our kitchen-diner with the playroom behind (I am a real mum after all), and the help of some large artificial lights on a gloomy Jan day. With my husband and kids out of the way, I felt more relaxed and just gave it a go. In the first few takes I forgot vital bits of information and hesitated too much. However practice makes perfect in my case and by the end of the afternoon I had some okay footage; well actually I was quite pleased with it considering how worried I’d been! Naturally there are some tweaks to be made, with the lighting mainly, but I was happy with it for a first attempt.

Please take a look at the finished video below. I would love to get your feedback in the comments section at the bottom of this page, so I can keep making improvements.

So there’s no going back now! I’ll be making more videos of different styles going forward as it certainly is one of the best ways to show you how our dresses move and how they function and why I love them so much.

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My name is Emma and I have three (!) wonderful babies. The oldest is my daughter Elsa, born in 2011 the second is “Milk & Mummy” my online boutique selling beautiful breastfeeding clothes and launched in 2012, and the youngest is my son Oliver, born in August 2014. All three exhaust me, excite me and make me proud on a daily basis and naturally all vie for my attention! But of course I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Milk & Mummy sells stylish nursing clothes including nursing tops and nursing dresses. We have everything from casual breastfeeding tops for a day at home to glamorous breastfeeding dresses for weddings. Many of our nursing dresses are also maternity dresses and we also sell beautiful breastfeeding covers and cute baby dribble bibs.

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