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Beautiful Breastfeeding Clothes

All new crew

Have you seen that we’ve just launched our stunning new spring summer breastfeeding clothing range? If you haven’t then you seriously need to go and have a peek here right now!

But this post isn’t about the products as such but about a big piece of work that goes into launching a new range at Milk & Mummy, because when we launched over 4 years ago, we made the decision to always photograph our products by ourselves. Key reasons behind this are:- clear and consistent images for our customers, so they really understand the product, and being able to show the product on a non-pregnant model. Have you noticed how many breastfeeding clothes are shown on pregnant models? This doesn’t make sense for us as our market are mostly breastfeeding mums who have had their baby and therefore want to see how the tops and dresses look when you don’t have a big bump.

So this post is all about what happened leading up to and during the last Milk & Mummy shoot, which took place just over a week ago.

I have to admit that I was very nervous in the planning stages because, apart from my husband (the photographer), his assistant and me (stylist and general all-round dogsbody), it was an all new team. New model. New make up artist. New studio. Scary!

I had to find all these people and make sure they were all free on the same day! Hummmm….

When I heard our regular model was pregnant with baby due around spring I knew there was no way she’d be able to do the shoot. When you’ve worked with the same model for a number of years, who knows how you work, what is required on the day, and exactly how to move in front of the camera, it’s hard trying to find a replacement. We’ve used agency models before and they’re not always the standard you’d expect.

Uh no thanks I don’t want to buy your book, sorry, but would you consider doing some modelling for me??!

I found our latest model quite by chance. She advertised something for sale on a local Facebook community group I am part of and I noticed her stunning profile picture, and that it was professionally taken. I knew I wanted someone with modelling experience so I took a chance and got in contact with her. I felt a little like a stalker but nothing ventured, nothing gained! “Uh no thanks I don’t want to buy your book, sorry, but would you consider doing some modelling for me??!”is a something how the conversation went! Luckily Holly had modelled before in her spare time, and was very open to the idea of doing our next shoot. After a face to face meeting we were both happy and she was signed up.

I mentioned to Holly I didn’t have a studio yet. Our previous one had closed down. An old friend of hers happened to own a studio locally, where she’d done some work before. It wasn’t available for public hire but luckily as we were using Holly for the shoot we managed to secure a booking there.

Now just to find a make up & hair artist! My regular one had moved to Singapore. I have had issues in the past using inexperienced make-up artists. The whole shoot was delayed because they went massively overtime on the hair and it kept falling in the face on set. I learnt my lesson. I needed a recommendation rather than just finding someone from an advert. I asked the studio owner and he gave me a couple of recommendations. One of these was for Annie Daniel who has over 7 years of experience in the industry with a portfolio covering bridal, beauty and creative work with very different styles from classic to theatrical. Annie was one of the fastest make up artists he knew, as well as being extremely professional so she sounded perfect for the job.

It was all slotting into place nicely but you never really know how everyone will “gel” on the day and then there’s the unknowns like if we have a technical glitch. Oh I sound so optimistic don’t I?

I needn’t have worried though. The studio owner said it was one of the most organised shoots he’d seen. Only one minor technical hitch, which was easily overcome. The team were fabulous. I know us “old hands” work well together but our newbies Holly and Annie were amazing. Holly has a great look. She’s not only stunning but is a natural in front of the camera, especially for someone who hasn’t done modelling for a while.

I was put at ease as soon as I met Annie. She certainly is fast and got straight down to work, but she is also really, really good at what she does. She’d been poorly in the week before the shoot but she said she’d never cancelled a job and wasn’t going to cancel mine. I was very impressed. She created two looks for us; one casual with hair down and understated make up and one more dressy with a beautiful soft up-do and more dramatic make up. She seemed to know exactly what I wanted and was on hand throughout to do touch ups.

Annie at work

I think I’d go so far as to say this was our best shoot yet. I do think the key is in the preparation and a little bit of nervousness is healthy, but maybe I should give myself more credit than that after 4.5 years in the business. As a friend nicely put it we’re “dab hands” at this now (although never complacent!).

The finished product

You can see Annie’s impressive portfolio and get in touch with her on her fashion/beauty website by clicking here.

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