Mummy Makes Milk

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Why we love it

Helen McGonigal and Hilda Kripp-Partridge have created this beautiful new storybook for young children about a mummy breastfeeding a younger sibling. It is often hard for older brothers or sisters of a new baby to understand that they have to share their mummy's attention with the new arrival and that a lot of her time will be taken up breastfeeding. This book aims to answer the older child's questions through enchanting text and pictures that will especially appeal to children around ages 2 to 5.

Brief story synopsis: Archie is excitedly waiting for his mummy and new baby sister to come home from hospital. Imagine his surprise when Mummy sits down and feeds the baby with her breasts! Archie is full of questions, which his mummy answers as we join them on their first day as a family of four.

Both author and illustrator are mums of three and based in the north of England. Their experiences breastfeeding their own children and Helen's experience as a breastfeeding peer supporter make them more than qualified to bring this story to life.