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Some extra information, style tips and help for when it just isn't going to plan.

About Milk & Mummy

Emma Downie

I launched Milk & Mummy in September 2012 because I don't believe nursing mums should have to compromise on style, as I often did when I was feeding my own daughter. Getting to grips with breastfeeding and looking after a new baby can be challenging enough without having to worry about something as fundamental as what to wear. After all, this is a special time in a mum's life and the clothes should make you feel special too!

I really struggled to find any breastfeeding clothes for myself and those that I could find were often frumpy and unflattering, with awkward nursing access and just not something I got excited about purchasing.

My aim is to bring you beautifully cut, outstanding quality breastfeeding tops and dresses that look first and foremost like great fashion pieces, but have very clever and completely fuss-free hidden nursing openings. Some of our items are suitable for maternity wear too! There's something for every occasion from casual everyday nursing wear to chic breastfeeding dresses for weddings. We hope to make a real difference to the wardrobes of breastfeeding mums all over the UK and beyond. After all looking fabulous is at least half-way to feeling fabulous!

Looking Fabulous while Feeding

Here are my top five tips for how to stay stylish while breastfeeding

Tip 1 - Comfort

Be comfortable. OK, so comfort and style aren't always synonymous with each other but how can you look great if you feel awkward? This is especially true when you are breastfeeding. Choose comfortable clothes in soft, breathable fabrics that give you plenty of room for movement.

Tip 2 - Accessories

Accessorise! Chances are you can't afford or won't want a breastfeeding wardrobe as big as your pre-pregnancy one, so the key to keeping it interesting is accessories. Scarves are a nifty option. They add colour and interest to any outfit, can give you extra privacy while feeding and can be removed easily if you get too hot. Layering lots of smaller bracelets and wearing a fantastic pair of stud earrings are the best jewellery options for you as they won't get in the way of a nursing baby. A statement ring can look great and can be switched between hands to remind you which side to breastfeed from next.

Tip 3 - Layers

Layer up. Many of our clothes are made from lighter fabrics, as we know mums tend to get hot when carrying and breastfeeding their little bundles. When it gets colder these items work brilliantly with layers. If you don't already have them, then invest in a couple of cardigans of different lengths, which can be stylish and very useful. Easy to fling on over your nursing top or dress when it gets cooler and likewise they provide some modesty if you want it while feeding.

Tip 4 - Preparation

Be prepared when out and about. There's nothing less stylish than leaky boobs. As well as baby's essentials make sure you pack your own too. Always have some spare breast pads in the change bag, and if you are prone to a lot of leaking then pack a spare bra and T-shirt if you can. And remember that light colours tend to conceal milk leaks better than dark ones.

Tip 5 - Access

Easy access. It sounds quite obvious but make sure you can get to your breasts easily without taking all your clothes off! Again, this is more important when you are going out. In the comfort of your own home it doesn't matter so much but if you've stopped in a cafe to give baby a feed you want to be able to get to be able to get to your breasts quickly and discreetly. At Milk & Mummy we only select clothes with the simplest breastfeeding access, and we discarded quite a few garments because the nursing openings weren't generous enough, were too fussy or stretched the garment.

Organic & Bamboo Nursing Clothes

We know how important it is for some mums to wear organic clothes, and never more so than when you are breastfeeding, as your baby is likely to come into close contact with your clothes too.

For this reason we have included within our collection a selection of breastfeeding tops and dresses made from organic fabric.

Organic fabric is by definition produced without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or hormones. It is not only better for the environment but it is better for people too – both those wearing the clothes and those producing them.

Bamboo fabric, while not necessarily organic, is a popular material within our nursing clothes range due to the fact it is sustainable, thereby making it a more environmentally friendly source of fabric. It is 100% biodegradable and the fastest growing plant in the world, which grows in conditions where nothing else will, and with much less water than other fabric sources. Added bonuses of this fabric are that it's very soft, breathable and naturally absorbent.

Breastfeeding Support Groups

At Milk & Mummy we know that breastfeeding doesn't come naturally to every mum and for some it can be extremely challenging. However there is a lot of help available out there, from organisations you can speak to over the phone, to drop-in clinics, to home visits, so no mum should ever have to struggle alone. Sometimes just talking to someone who's been there before and can re-assure you can be a massive support. Here are some of the main organisations and groups* that can offer advise on either a local or national level, or both. Visit their website to find out more.

Your community midwife or health visitor should have details of local support groups and drop-in clinics. These often take place at your local doctor's surgery or children's centre.

* This list is meant as a helpful guide as is by no means exhaustive. Milk & Mummy is in no way affiliated with any of the above organisations.

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Sofia - blue/purple


A really easy to wear, soft, heavyweight jersey nursing dress that you'll want to wear all the time!

Our all-time best selling winter dress.
Milk & Mummy

Frankie - cream

£44.25 £59.00   

A gorgeous chunky knit sweater in a classic cream colour with feminine cuffed sleeves and stylish draped collar.

Perfect for mums who don't like wearing wool - Frankie is 100% cotton.
Milk & Mummy

Liza - black / plum

£59.25 £79.00   

Cosy woollen breastfeeding tunic in rich plum and black stripes which make it stylishly different.

The fit is slightly loose so it's super flattering over a new mum tum.
Milk & Mummy

Robyn - blush

£36.75 £49.00   

Made from gorgeously soft and breathable cotton jersey with cute ruffle details, these cropped PJs will help you through the sleepless nights in style.

A little bit of luxury in your hospital bag and beyond!
Milk & Mummy