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Beautiful Breastfeeding Clothes

What a difference a dress makes!

Here we have the first ever Milk & Mummy guest blog post, and I hope it’s one of many (as it makes a nice change from me doing all the talking!). I was absolutely thrilled when Ruth Berchowitz, new mummy and loyal customer of our Hermione & Hattie dresses, agreed to my request to write a post for us about their virtues. Here she tells us how something as simple as a flattering and practical nursing dress (or rather FOUR to be precise) have made her overall breastfeeding experience so much more pleasurable:

Like all new mums I was a bundle of excitement and nerves when our baby daughter Leah was born at the beginning of the year. In those first heady days of getting to know one another and adapting to life with a teeny tiny newborn (she was a precious 5lb 4oz at birth) I recall sitting in my nursing chair, all cosy and warm feeding my little girl, but wondering how on earth I was ever going to be able to competently breastfeed in public! It really baffled me how anyone could do this discretely in a public place surrounded by strangers! And what on earth was I going to wear…

At the beginning my maternity clothes still fitted but most didn’t have easy nursing access and anything in my pre-pregnancy wardrobe that might have been suitable was far too small. I was previously a petite size eight but, unlike for some, breastfeeding still hasn’t magically erased those extra pounds.

 I am so pleased I clicked the ‘order’ button

Whilst empire lines were flattering to my bump, I felt they simply drew unwanted attention to my post-pregnancy tummy. Browsing on Milk & Mummy I came across the Hermione red breastfeeding dress and, whilst reticent at first as I wouldn’t normally choose such a bold colour, I am so pleased I clicked the ‘order’ button. Not only did it hide my tummy and make me feel a bit better about my current body shape, it also proved incredibly easy and discreet to breastfeed in – both pretty and practical! Rather than faffing around with the breastfeeding cover I’d bought that became more trouble than it was worth (I hasten to add this wasn’t one from Milk & Mummy, but I have friends who have bought from the site and had great success with them), Leah could easily latch and feed comfortably with barely any, if any, of my breast exposed. The dress is very good quality and cut brilliantly making nursing access easy (and any accidental leakage doesn’t show through the double layer). Needless to say going out for Sunday Lunch was a much more relaxed affair and I promptly ordered the Hermione grey version a few days later.

Cuddles in Hermione red

Cuddles in Hermione red

Hattie indigo for spring walk on Hampstead Heath

Hattie indigo for spring walk on Hampstead Heath

Excited about the summer range at Milk & Mummy, I quickly realised that Hattie nursing dress was a similar cut to Hermione, but with short sleeves for the warmer weather, and was still the most flattering cut for my current figure. Needless to say I ordered both the indigo and coral colourways just days after the launch!

Hattie coral in the sun

Hattie coral in the sun

I do long for my tiny waist and minimal cleavage (having now realised that bigger boobs are overrated) so that I can return to wearing cinched in dresses and a fabric other than jersey. But for the time being I am happy in the knowledge that my trusty Hermione/Hattie dresses are suitable for coffee with fellow mums, dressing up for a rare dinner date with my husband or indeed with a little fascinator and peep-toe heels they make perfect breastfeeding dresses for those summer weddings just around the corner…

Thank you Milk & Mummy…what would I have done without you?!

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