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The final countdown!

Aaaaarggh! I really can’t believe I’m 37 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow. Up until the New Year I’d not really been counting as we’d been moving house, re-decorating the house, working on the business, preparing for Christmas and so much more that I’d pushed the thought of the birth in to the far corner of my brain labelled “next year”. Until recently a midwife would ask me how many weeks I was and then look at me slightly bemused when I couldn’t remember.

Elsa, bump and me

Elsa, bump and me

It’s crazy really when I think back to being pregnant with Elsa and how I knew almost to the latest day how far gone I was. Yes, in my first pregnancy I was infatuated – it was all consuming and I probably over analysed every stage, like most first timers. I attended my NCT classes regularly, read several books (and got myself in a bit of a state and so stopped reading the books), watched “one born every minute” (and each week said I never would again!), went to pre-natal yoga and felt I was right on the ball with each stage. In hindsight whether that was a good thing for a worrier like myself, I’m not so sure!

But I do know that with this pregnancy I’ve been feeling slightly guilty that I’ve not been paying the bump enough attention. I know it’s a boy, I know I feel well and all the ante-natal checks have been good, and so that’s all I really need to know. I’ve been prioritising getting our new house straight for his arrival, staying up far too late to get work up to date and getting his older sister excited about having a new little brother to prod and cuddle. It distracts me from thoughts of the birth and future sleepless nights, which is actually a very good thing!

Anyway, now all of a sudden it is “next year”, and not only that, it’s just a few weeks to go!

Anyway, now all of a sudden it is “next year”, and not only that, it’s just a few weeks to go! Hey, it might only be a few days… you never really know. (I’ve written that here but I don’t think I’ve fully grasped what I’ve just said.) So this blog post is a bit of self-indulgent therapy (sorry!) to come to terms with the fact that Baby D no.2 will soon be with us.

We’ve got most of the baby things down from the loft, I know where the buggy is, I’ve written a list for my hospital bag and I’ve nearly located the delightful breast pump…

But am I ready emotionally? Errr…. not really! Obviously I’m apprehensive. As a work from home mum, most days it’s been just Elsa and me for what seems like forever, and I love our special mummy/daughter relationship, doing pretty much as we please with our days, and I just can’t imagine it changing, but I know it will. Elsa is such a good sleeper sometimes we wake her up in the mornings! How will we cope with a little man who doesn’t know the difference between night and day? Will he wake her up too? Will she be jealous? Who will get more attention? How will I manage two little people plus a business and still get a shower occasionally?

So many questions and only time will tell. And I’m sure I will cope just like countless other mums have before me. So there’s only one thing to do… keep telling myself that, stop reading the baby books and start getting excited! Because really it’s a very special time.

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My name is Emma and I have three (!) wonderful babies. The oldest is my daughter Elsa, born in 2011 the second is “Milk & Mummy” my online boutique selling beautiful breastfeeding clothes and launched in 2012, and the youngest is my son Oliver, born in August 2014. All three exhaust me, excite me and make me proud on a daily basis and naturally all vie for my attention! But of course I wouldn't have it any other way.

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