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Please mention the C word!

And by that I mean Christmas of course. There are plenty of people saying don’t mention the C word and it’s too early to talk about it, but I for one am really excited about Christmas this year, for several reasons:-

There’s been far too many horrendous events in the world this year, so anything to do with getting together with the people you love has to be a good thing.

This will be the first Christmas in our new house. I really love this house. It’s a really bright and airy house and the space is really adaptable for having lots of people together to socialise, eat, drink and be merry! It actually has space for a proper Christmas tree without having to re-design the living room layout!

For the first time my youngest knows what’s going on. OK so, at the tender age of three, he doesn’t understand the true meaning behind Christmas, but he knows about anticipation and looking forward to something.

Although both children are very excited they are still very innocent and don’t have huge demanding Christmas lists. In fact they don’t really know what they want, which is probably because they don’t know about the kids channels with adverts! So we’ll keep the presents simple and focus more on doing special things together.

Having fun on another National Trust day out

Talking of special things, this is probably the first year I’ve actually managed to book a “visit Father Christmas” experience before they all sell out. I’m feeling rather smug! We’ll be going to the lovely Wicken Fen, a National Trust nature reserve, where as well as seeing the big man himself, the children get to go on a Christmas trail and make crafts too. I feel you can always rely on the good old National Trust to do things in a fairly uncommercial and magical way.

Wicken Fen

I was especially keen to book a visit Santa experience this year as my daughter is already getting a bit dubious about how genuine he is! Last year, when she was only five, she was somewhat scarred by meeting a fairly unrealistic Santa with the grandparents in Scotland. He had such a broad Scottish accent that she had to get Granny to translate and this left the poor child wondering why a) not all Santas look the same and b) not all Santas sound the same.

I’m looking forward to dressing up on Christmas day but I want something comfortable as I’ll still be “on duty”. I have several to choose from in the Milk & Mummy stock room but I think the winner is Zenobi in festive fig. It’s stretchy (so I can eat lots!) and the 3/4 length sleeves mean I can still do the cooking without getting them splashed.

Zenobi fig

Most importantly, it’s not just about the presents, the food and booze (of which there will be plenty!) but that more of our immediate family will be together in our house than ever before. The in-laws are coming down from Scotland, my Mum will be with us from Cornwall and even my sister, who is often working over Christmas, is able to be with us this year.

Right I’d better go and dig out those Christmas decorations from the loft!

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