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Not so Super Mummy

Sometimes this “stay at home mum slash business owner” role is a bit tough! Like today for instance. As you will see I haven’t done a blog post for far too long, so today I set out to write at least one post while little one has her daily nap. Only she won’t nap. Of course she won’t. She’s full of cough and cold and wants cuddles instead.

Only I can’t cuddle and type at the same time, and anyway she’ll just start playing if I sit her in front of the laptop. So I’ve left her to cry just for a little bit because she really needs to sleep, and she’s not that poorly. Even though she’s 19 months now I still feel bad doing this. I couldn’t concentrate on the blog post I had planned to do originally, so I have decided to write about this instead! But I can’t even concentrate on this one now so I’ve turned the baby listener off. So my work suffers and she suffers – it’s a “lose lose” situation on days like this!

Sometimes things just get on top of me!

Occasionally, when I’m at home trying to get through my ridiculously long to do list in the precious hour or two while she is sleeping, and without another adult for company / feedback / to moan at, I do feel like I’m the only mum doing this. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge to juggle everything. Sometimes things just get on top of me! I’m only human…

And naturally I also get those feelings of guilt about not being a good enough mum. CBeebies childminding service has been used far too frequently of late, while I just “quickly type this email” and “just pack up this parcel”… before I know it it’s been on for an hour and she’s been glued to it in between little moans to me to stop working. We should have been outside splashing in muddy puddles instead! Goodness knows there’s enough of them at the moment. Don’t get me wrong – we do go out, usually twice a day, to groups or friends or to the park, but it’s the time in-between when we are at home that can drag on a bit and that make me feel bad. My daughter even pointed to my laptop last week and said “Mummy” – so, great, now she sees it as an extension of me. I wish it could do the cooking and cleaning too!

Of course I know I’m not the only full-time mum who single-handedly runs a business too. And I know many have far more than this on their plate. I met a few at a village hall “Mummies Shopping Morning” I went to yesterday morning. One mum was spoon feeding her baby with one hand and selling her framed pictures with the other and had been up till 2am the night before preparing finishing off her products. Another mum who runs her internet business by herself had left her son at home with hubby and was pregnant with second baby. It reassures me to chat to these mums. I admire what they do and share my niggles with them. They in turn reassure me and then tell me they have just the same issues.

When all is said and done, I know I’m being a little hard on myself. Isn’t it every mother’s perogative to feel guilty? I must remember to take a deep breath, call today a right off, and try again tomorrow. What’s that I hear? S I L E N C E. Yay, at last…she’s asleep! And I didn’t even have to resort to CBeebies. One small triumph for Mummykind.

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My name is Emma and I have three (!) wonderful babies. The oldest is my daughter Elsa, born in 2011 the second is “Milk & Mummy” my online boutique selling beautiful breastfeeding clothes and launched in 2012, and the youngest is my son Oliver, born in August 2014. All three exhaust me, excite me and make me proud on a daily basis and naturally all vie for my attention! But of course I wouldn't have it any other way.

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