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Multi-tasking mummies!

I’ve been really struggling to juggle my three “babies” recently; those babies being Elsa, Oliver and M&M. I feel like I can’t look after any one of them properly and so I’m constantly feeling guilty. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I find it hard to accept that I can’t do everything, and I’m pretty hard on myself. So I put a post on the M&M Facebook page asking for hints and tips from any full-time mums who run their own business from home on how they manage their time. I was hoping for a few responses, one or two at the very least – but sadly I got a none! That’s right a big fat ZERO!

I’ve been thinking about why this may be. It’s either a) there are no other full time mums who work from home – nope, not true as I know three myself b) nobody reads our Facebook page – don’t think so as we have 600 likes and all other posts get comments OR c) no-one has any tips because, let’s face it there isn’t really any easy way for a mum to work at the same time as looking after a baby or two! Hummm, I’m pretty sure I’ve hit the nail on the head with c). The other mums I know are struggling too. One of them in particular has seen far too many days gone to pot when she couldn’t put her baby down for a minute and had deadlines looming. What did she do? She roped in both grannies for regular weekly babysitting slots. Not really an option for us, as geography is against us where grandparents are concerned.

So is there really no solution to my current dilemma? Apparently not. I made my bed so I jolly well have to lie in it. I’ve just had to get on with it as best I can.

One case in point was our recent autumn/winter range photo shoot. And I have to say during that day I learnt a thing or two about my predicament…but I’ll come to that in a minute.

This shoot had an added dimension – two babies joined the shoot crew! My baby Oliver, who’s now seven months and our model, Lisa’s baby, Phoebe who’s just three months. Both babies are breastfeeding so naturally they had to come too! And Lisa and I would have to try to get on with the task in hand.

Our backstage creche

Our backstage creche

I was a little nervous about how Oliver would be. He attended the shoot before this when he was just two months old and he was a lot more portable then as he slept most of the time. Fast forward 5 months and Ollie is now rolling over, not sleeping as much and eating solids. I wasn’t sure how happy he’d be just lying on the ground or sitting in his Bumbo and watching us in the dressing room.

I was considerably more nervous when Lisa arrived and announced that Phoebe had been up most of the night with a fever and they’d had to go to the doctor that morning as she had a temperature. The doctor had told her to keep administering Calpol and Lisa, not wanting to let us down, had duly headed onto the studio.

We weren’t the only breastfeeding mummies there. Our other model, Sally, had left her three month old at home with her parents (and her 19 month old!) and a supply of expressed milk. This was her first modelling job since having her.

Lisa and Sally with baby Phoebe

Lisa and Sally with baby Phoebe

Sounds like something was bound to go wrong. Well, what do you know, it didn’t! With my mum on hand to help out entertaining the babies, and us mummies remaining pretty calm we all got through the shoot unscathed. Not only that, we have some pretty amazing photos to show for it! I can’t say it was easy, and there was a lot of juggling, but we got there in the end.

Lisa and me with the babas

Lisa and me with our babas

I have to say I went home that afternoon feeling a bit more positive about things. I’m not the only mum doing this. Sally has gone back to modelling and Lisa has her own personal training business and they both have babies half the age of mine. It sure is one of the hardest things I’ll ever have to do but it isn’t impossible. Elsa, Oliver and the business are thriving so despite everything I can’t be doing such a bad job. So from now on I’m going to give myself a bit of a break. Yes Dear Family, you heard it here first! And I’ve even put it in black and white for all to see.

My husband will laugh as he’s been telling me this for ages. I will ask him to remind me of this during my next melt-down and subsequent “counselling” session from him!

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