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Moving on up – with any luck!

I can’t quite believe it’s been nearly a whole month since my last post. Unfortunately the business has taken a bit of a back seat recently due to a busier than usual family life! All for good reasons though, I’m pleased to say. I’m learning that more and more families move house around the due date of their second baby and it looks like we’re about to do the same. It’s reassuring to know we’re not the only crazy ones but still a tad stressful!

So this is why I’ve been quiet on the blog and other social media sites recently. We were in Spain at the end of September for a fantastic villa holiday with friends and some much needed time doing very little other than swimming and eating. On holiday we found out that our offer on a house had been accepted! A few more glasses of Rioja were consumed that night in celebration (not by me of course) and we started to envisage life in a bigger house with my husband looking at new automatic garage doors and transit vans on line and me browsing feature wallpapers.

Elsa, bump and me braving the pool

Elsa, bump and me taking a dip on holiday

I don’t want to be unpacking during my contractions, like a friend was recently

We came back to the UK with a bit of a bump. I’ve been loving our gorgeous October weather in Cambridge, which stopped the post holiday blues, but baby seems to have been having a growth spurt and taken away some of my vital nutrients making me feel rather run down. As a result I’ve been not wanting to do very much at all which isn’t very convenient when I’ve had plenty of work to catch up on, a slightly trying 2 year old and a stack of house buying paperwork to tackle! It looks like the move could be fairly imminent (ie. early next month) which would be a relief as I don’t want to be unpacking during my contractions, like one of my friends was recently, so it really is full steam ahead.

But I’m seeing a little bit of light now in the tunnel that is my to-do list, and I think I’m mostly on track again (well, as much as any mum ever really catches up) and I’m even letting myself get a bit excited about the move – or should I say the feeling once we have done the move! I just have the small matter of potty training my daughter to try to crack before we even think about the packing (in truth I think this fills me with more dread than moving house!). We’ve pencilled out this weekend to go cold-turkey a la Gina Ford’s method and give it a go – gulp!

So if things are a bit quiet from M&M for the next few weeks, then at least you know why now. Please send lots of luck our way as I think we’ll need it on all counts!

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My name is Emma and I have three (!) wonderful babies. The oldest is my daughter Elsa, born in 2011 the second is “Milk & Mummy” my online boutique selling beautiful breastfeeding clothes and launched in 2012, and the youngest is my son Oliver, born in August 2014. All three exhaust me, excite me and make me proud on a daily basis and naturally all vie for my attention! But of course I wouldn't have it any other way.

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