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Kid’s birthday party – DONE!

Elsa turned the ripe old age of four last week. Naturally we couldn’t let the day pass without some kind of party. I’m all for not going overboard, but we kind of snookered that by having a big party in a hired hall for her third birthday, so fast forward one whole year and attending numerous friends’ lavish parties and our little lady was most definitely expecting something big to happen! In fact she’d been looking forward to her birthday party ever since last November when her first friend turned four. No pressure then…

Birthday girl]

The whole idea made me a little nervous. It wasn’t just the prospect of the children who had to be fed, watered and entertained whilst remaining safe, it was the knowledge that their parents have pretty high standards too. Well, quite rightly so – if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well. Although we’d hosted one last year is was actually a joint party with a friend (GREAT idea – shared effort, shared cost, twice the fun!). But very inconsiderately (!) these friends have now moved to India. And I tried to rope the grandparents in but they had other plans. We were well and truly on our own this time.

I’m writing this now, AFTER the event. The party was last weekend and I feel rather relieved and just a little smug that in actual fact it seemed to go pretty well. Kids enjoyed it and parents were very complimentary. So, with a good measure of tongue in cheek, here are my top ten tips for stress free kids party hosting:

1. Don’t (whatever you do!) have it at home. Just don’t.

2. Get someone else to make the cake – ideally your sister who will do it for love and is a professional.

DSC_1755 DSC_1821

3. Palm the baby off on someone else for the afternoon – ideally your sister who will exchange cake for baby at a pre-arranged time.

4. Prepare carefully portioned lunch boxes of food in advance, instead of platters of sharing food. I find anything combining four year olds and sharing never really gels.


5. Start wrapping your 20 layer pass the parcel at least four nights in advance to allow for around three return trips to your nearest supermarket for more wrapping paper. And five layers a night is a more than enough work.

6. Woe betide you if you don’t put a small gift in between each layer of paper. Pass the parcel has reached new levels in these modern times and all children involved expect to walk away with something.

7. Arrange for husband to take your own kids out for as much time as possible before the party so you can focus on making 20 rounds of sandwiches, cutting 80 cucumber sticks and spooning homous into tiny cups without a baby scattering straws and clattering saucepans under your feet while you try to stay calm.

8. Lay the birthday girl’s outfit out the night before and hide her well-worn, grubby, tattered Frozen dress, so she can’t choose to wear it at the last moment.

9. Provide refreshments for the parents. Ideally this would be of the alcoholic variety but alas it would have breached the Ts and Cs of our hired venue. Shame! Luckily tea, coffee and shortbread came a close second.

10. Keep telling yourself that after today, it will be one whole year before you have to host another one (oh well, unless there are siblings of course)


And finally, don’t forget to have fun. Because parties are FUN! Yes, really they are.

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