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DIY photo shoot

Something I’m not exactly a fan of is having my own photo taken. So it was as much a surprise to me, as to anyone who knows me when I put myself forward to model for our new autumn winter range!

I’ve blogged a few times in the past about what goes into a Milk & Mummy photo shoot. You can read those posts here (All New Crew, It’s A Wrap, The First Milk & Mummy Photo Shoot).

Each time before I’ve used either a professional model or a very photogenic friend. I’ve always paid for a professional hair and make up artist too and we usually hire a proper photo studio. However, it’s not only the costs which mount up, but trying to find a time which suits all the third parties involved and us and babysitters is usually a bit of a logistical nightmare.

This time behind the scenes it was very different and you could say “home spun”! Let me explain:-

The set: It took place at home. In our playroom to be precise (minus ALL the toys of course). We bought a white paper roll backdrop and although the space was tight, it wasn’t too bad.

Empty playroom minus the white backdrop

The hair: No professional hairdresser for us this time. Just my sister! She has done my hair for a glamorous fancy dress event about 10 years previously and I was pretty impressed. In hindsight we should have practised, as my hair is incredibly thick and there is so much of it, it didn’t exactly behave in an up-do and she ended up using about 60 kirby gribs as loose bits kept hanging down the back of my neck.

Hair styling in the kitchen!

The make-up: I did my own! I wouldn’t say I’m much good, but I do know what suits me and I know what works in the studio lights from watching many a professional at work before. More is definitely more under those harsh lights. Although I did choose a particularly crazy lip colour to start with which made me look like a bad drag queen and I soon swapped that for something less fake.

The photographer: Luckily we were able to use the same reliable and very skilled chap we always use – my husband! Thank goodness for one consistent point! The disadvantage of this was that I had to take studio direction from my other half, and I think that made me more nervous than if the photographer was a paid professional.

The model: As I’ve said – me! Yikes! I was incredibly nervous at the start and the photos looked really “stiff” and staged. It didn’t help that we couldn’t start till 8.30pm, after the kids were in bed and my hair and make up finished. When I saw the first few shots I nearly gave up. I just didn’t think we could pull it off. My secret – keep drinking prosecco! Finally I relaxed into it and you could say I started to enjoy it! We ended up re-shooting the first two dresses again once I had got into the swing of it.

So did we pull it off? Despite being somewhat amateur behind the scenes, naturally I wanted the end result to be as professional as my previous images. I’ll let my customers be the judge of that. The new range has got off to a great start. However I don’t think I’ll be giving up the day job just yet!

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