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Beautiful Breastfeeding Clothes

Breastfeeding dresses for weddings & christenings

The sun has shined for nearly a week now, my winter coat is just a bit too warm, I thought about mowing the lawn for one fleeting moment and we’ve just done our summer photo shoot. It can only mean one thing. Spring is well and truly here, and summer is on its merry way. Wooo hoooo!

I can feel my mood lifting just at the thought of it. Not having to wear socks, dry hair, de-ice the car, spend ages coaxing chubby little arms into several layers before going out.

shopping for a dress that ticks the TWO crucial boxes of flattering your new figure AND having nursing access

It’s no surprise then that we’ve just launched our spring summer range. This year we’re especially early to meet the demand for breastfeeding dresses to wear to spring weddings and christenings. If my own experience is anything to go by, whilst it’s always lovely to receive a wedding invite, when you’re a newly breastfeeding mum it can be a real hassle shopping for a dress that ticks the TWO crucial boxes of flattering your new figure AND having nursing access. Let’s face it we hardly have hours on end to spare to mooch around the shops at our leisure! As for the special event – it will usually be one where you’ll see friends you haven’t seen in ages, probably since before having children, so naturally you want to look good. No…hang on a minute. Not just good! You deserve to look absolutely gorgeous.

The whole process can be a bit of a nightmare. Hopefully not the case if you come to Milk & Mummy. We like to think that we can solve your breastfeeding outfit dilemma as we specialise in providing breastfeeding dresses for weddings and christenings. So here is my pick of our party dresses, depending on your preference:

Pretty in print

Zelda - understated blue/black print

Zelda – understated blue/black print

Suzie - oh-so-pretty turquoise print

Suzie – oh-so-pretty turquoise print

Ellie - fresh apple print

Ellie – fresh apple print


These are the breastfeeding dresses sure to give you the wow factor. We think they’re so unbelievably glamorous that your non-nursing friends will want to know where they can buy them!

Josie - stunning in gold

Josie – stunning in gold

Take it to the maxi in Imani blue

Take it to the maxi in Imani blue

The ever-popular Josie in purple

The ever-popular Josie in purple

Stunning shifts

These dresses ring the changes. If you’re trying to get away from stretch jersey and the empire waisted shape of other breastfeeding dresses, then these are for you. Their nursing access is through very cleverly concealed vertical zips hidden under tucks on the front.

Beautiful bea

Beautiful bea

Maddy - understated chic

Maddy – understated chic

Most versatile

Kate nursing dress is perfect for dressing up for weddings or down for more casual occasions, and is a great price. No wonder it was a best selling style last summer.

Kate - watermelon

Kate – watermelon

Kate - expressionist print

Kate – expressionist print

Kate - cobalt

Kate – cobalt

We wish you a very happy and hassle free shopping experience, and with free returns on all orders, we make it easy for you to try a few styles before choosing the perfect dress for you. Our Fitting Room page lets you check which size will be right for you. But if you need any further advice on the fit or style, then we’re more than happy to chat about it. Here’s our Contact Details.

2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding dresses for weddings & christenings”

  1. Jean Hoelscher says:

    Good looking outfits! I think vertical openings definitely work best, by far, for nursing. Back in the 1990s I had my own mail order nursingwear company, and I started and ran the Association For Breastfeeding Fashions with virtually all the U.S. companies as members. I am somewhat disappointed that nursingwear isn’t more prevalent today, and it hasn’t improved a great deal either. Yours looks better than most.

    1. Thanks for your comment and we’re very pleased to hear that you like what you see. Does the Association for Breastfeeding Fashions still exist today? After a little research, I can’t see any current references to it.

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