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Beautiful Breastfeeding Clothes

The first Milk & Mummy photo shoot

I arrived at the studios an hour before we were due to start shooting, on a sunny but cold summer’s day, rather excited but a little nervous too, as this was a first for us and had taken rather a lot of organising! Would everyone turn up? Would we all work well together? Had I forgotten anything?….

I first felt myself relax when I arrived to see Lilly getting out of her car.

Lilly Hale was our wonderful hair and make-up artist ( who made the two hour journey from Camberley, after only speaking to me on the phone. She managed to achieve the exact looks I asked for with ease and was warm, friendly and professional all at the same time. I’m sure she will go far!

Lilly with Cat

As soon as we started shooting I started to enjoy it. In fact, more than just enjoy it – it was so much fun! It was so rewarding to see all our careful planning from the last few weeks come to fruition when the freshly shot images came through in all their glory on the screen in front of us. The result was due in no small part to our models, Cat and Junko.

Cat and Junko are both mums themselves, and have both breastfed their babies (in fact Junko is still breastfeeding) and therefore they fully understand the trials of finding fashionable breastfeeding clothes. Junko loved some of the styles so much she said she would wear them even when she has finished breastfeeding. That’s just what I hope my customers will think! We think both girls achieved the “happy and natural” look we were going for with ease and looked stunning in the clothes.

The lovely Erin and Emma, both friends of ours, assisted us; Erin helping me with the styling, steaming the clothes, dressing the models and keeping everything tidy and Emma helping on set checking images were in focus and there wasn’t a hair out of place! It wouldn’t have been nearly as relaxed and plain-sailing without these two!

Last minute tweaks

And last but not least, my husband, and our photographer for the day, Gordon, who did an amazing job in capturing the looks and getting all the views we needed.

Gordon in action!

So, I’m thrilled to say that our first ever photoshoot went amazingly well! The whole team worked brilliantly together and it was a pleasure to work with such talented people. We even finished early, something I thought never happened on shoots. We left buzzing and I can’t wait to do it all again! OK well maybe not just yet, but when the time comes!

The Team
from left: Emma, Erin, Cat, Gordon, Me, Junko, Lilly

About Me:

My name is Emma and I have three (!) wonderful babies. The oldest is my daughter Elsa, born in 2011 the second is “Milk & Mummy” my online boutique selling beautiful breastfeeding clothes and launched in 2012, and the youngest is my son Oliver, born in August 2014. All three exhaust me, excite me and make me proud on a daily basis and naturally all vie for my attention! But of course I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Milk & Mummy sells stylish nursing clothes including nursing tops and nursing dresses. We have everything from casual breastfeeding tops for a day at home to glamorous breastfeeding dresses for weddings. Many of our nursing dresses are also maternity dresses and we also sell beautiful breastfeeding covers and cute baby dribble bibs.

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